Distance learning

Distance learning is a complete solution for schools and universities.

The system consists of the following components:
- Software for presenter logon, uploading of data and video content to the internet.
- Web portal where students can access data, video content, grade statistics, online tests, message boards...
- Accessories, PC, camera, wireless microphone, smart board, cables etc.

System allows recording and sending lectures to the internet (Grogot web server), uploading supporting documentation with lectures, organizing and sorting of data, quick correspondence between professor and student, forum, online tests for exams, online message boards, statistics for students, ability to send date to professors from any location (uploading lectures and exam documentation from your own home). The system offers many other advantages such as better image of the university/school, student lectures availability, transparent record of the passed exams etc.

You can see the DEMO at ucenje.grogot.net. You can access the portal using these credentials: Student service (Username: sluzba, Password: studentska), Professor (Username: profesor, Password: profesor), Student (Username: student, Password: student).